Ballistic Exhibition

A Fleeting Ballistic Exhibition with serious geopolitical consequences
The exhibition includes photographs, objects and drawings.
The gallery has hosted a successful testing of new subcontinental large and medium-small ballistic missiles with medium-long and short range, capable of carrying heavyweight and lightweight nuclear charges at long distance. This was reported by the press center of the event and a central information agency, quoted by the Bulgarian News Agency.
The launch has been carried out with a strong position under the supervision of a military attaché, and in such a way, so as not to endanger the safety of the adjacent buildings. Within seconds, the missiles flew over a short distance.
“The purpose of the trial launch was to test the tactical and technological characteristics of the ballistic missiles of a new type, capable of carrying large heavyweight and lightweight nuclear charge” reports the independent agency.
At the launch the Artist has blamed Washington for “intimidating” the artists, who “are not in possession of nuclear weapons”, and has warned the USA not to underestimate the fact, that they are within the exhibition’s range for a counter strike.
“Should the USA try to challenge an artist from the Balkans, they shall not be able to avoid the largest disaster in their history”, says Dimchev.