Never Ending Fun

Velizar Dimchev – solo exhibition – Never Ending Fun
exhibition is currently on view at Gallery Cu29 / Plovdiv – 31.01.2019 – 22.03.2019.
The text for the exhibition is written by Yovo Panchev
Velizar Dimchev’s exhibition consists physically of several digital prints on aluminium, framed in fence, several digital prints on paper, one on textile – a window curtain, several objects made of different trivial materials. The images on these prints are well-known, they are icons of the action movie culture, the pop-culture heroes of the pre-digital age, who unintentionally shaped the world of our generation, and lived long enough to gain the status of legends, thus forming a colourful pantheon. These modern heroes, taught to exploit the basic human instincts, have imperceptibly politicized the cinematic projection of our world. Of course, these are power positions, offering roles and techniques for management of both the individual, and the group/ collective soul. Those characters, with their grotesque, but spectacular heroism, sowed in the souls of the teenage non-Americans an unconditional belief in the rightness of what they are once defending, and once winning over. Since you are usually the leading character, the protagonist of your own history and existence, the same way as the images on the screen dominate their blockbusters, it was not hard to believe that you are the good guy, our guy, regardless of the nuances of individual or collective heroism.
The exhibition Never Ending Fun, visually created for, or at least treating the viewer as a teenager, and my reflections, which brought me back to the collective (semi)consciousness of the male adolescence, point out with perfect precision the episode, in which the cards were dealt. Play them as you will, but you’re not getting any other cards.
All images copyright and courtesy of the photographer Maria Djelebova and Gallery Cu29 – Plovdiv / Bulgaria.